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There is a discussion group on FaceBook called No Time For Karma.  The following articles were contributed by me and a few other folks.  Enjoy.


Awakening is cool!!!!

Although there are now many thousands of awakened beings on this planet, no one can have the impact on your acquaintances and family as you can.

An almost unlimited number of folks have experienced openings which they might describe as "opening the third eye", or "near death experience", or "a chakra opening" or some other new age term. These recent "openings" are a sign of the times. I noticed on YouTube that the videos of ordinary people who have had experiences of an opening and now are "channeling" news of the New Earth are getting millions of hits while the videos of music stars are getting thousands of hits. Another sign of the times.

But you have known for a long time that you had the connection to infinite wisdom. Most of us are unwilling to leave the realm of normal people just to express the light and wisdom which we get internally, but probably don't trust completely.

Let me share a couple of experiences I have had.

Once while driving through Pennsylvania on the turnpike I came to a toll booth. As I handed the money to the toll taker who looked rather depressed, it came to me to say "Don't worry, your wife will be OK". It just came to me out of the blue. The man didn't even think to question who this was who was speaking to him. He just said "Oh, thank you, thank you!"

This evening I am staying in a hotel in West Virginia. I just had dinner in the hotel restaurant. The waitress was very efficient but she obviously (to me) was not a happy person. When she brought my check it came to me to say "You are very good at your job but life seems a little heavy right now" She said "Oh I'm sorry that showed through". I said "Oh, no one would notice but I just wanted to tell you that the heaviness won't last. It will be over soon." Again she didn't ask how I could know about her life. She just said with the first smile I had seen "thank you, I will take that with me"

The point is that you can lift someone's burden right now. Maybe you aren't currently healing terminal cancel just by being in someone's presence (that may come a little later for you) but you certainly can ease someone's struggle by letting your intuition do its thing. Go ahead. Take a chance. You are here to be a gift to humanity. Why not let it show?

If there were a structured course called "Awakening 101", what would the outline look like?

1. Enhance the desire to awaken. No desire, no awakening. Awakening has to be the TOP priority in life.  Actually with a strong desire to know god everything else just falls into place (eventually).

2. Learn to trust inner guidance. Inner guidance may lead you to outer guidance.

3. Tame the mind. Thoughts which are a result of reacting to the physical environment do not lead to peace or awakening.

4. Learn to honor karma. Karmic lessons, judgments, causes, seeing injustices, and getting caught in the illusion hold the keys to freedom.

5. Learn what is possible. To seek enlightenment we have to know that enlightenment is possible.  Since we start without an understanding of spirit and the power/glory of spirit we refer to books and teachers to learn. Later it is mostly an inside job.

6. Don't paddle upstream. Believing that we know better than spirit what would improve our life experience results in paddling upstream. This results in pain, struggle, disappointment, sorrow and the breakdown of the body. Going with the flow results in reduced pressure, better health, and relinquishment of our false gods like money, relationships, status, reputation, etc.

7. Try not to reject the truth of the universe. Advanced concepts which don't quite mesh with our present understanding should just be placed on the mental shelf for later consideration. Advanced concepts can fly in the face of logic.  Advanced concepts can sound 'absolutist'. Advanced concepts include:

God is love

Everything is god

We are not separate beings. There is only one of us

The universe is on our side, we can't lose

We have created our personal reality 100%

No guilt you have ever had was justified

Earth is a school, voluntarily enrolled in

Karmic lessons are a great blessing

Everything is OK just the way it is

Our normal, natural state of being is so much grander than we can conceive of that faith is required

Trust would solve every problem now

To release karma resist not evil

All things are possible

All healing is possible, inevitable actually

All paths back to the awareness of god are the same and all are unique

There is no time, it is a special effect created for the movie (life)

Since there is no time, holding a loving thought in the present moment converts all past and future illusions into love

Ah, but all paths are unique. So what is your curriculum outline for your path?

You can remember years ago when each new insight into life and spirit was a big WOW! A really big deal. Well after having accustomed ourselves to our infinite connection, we now treat the insights which come each day as normal, routine. If I DON'T receive some insight today I wonder what went wrong. Actually we must release each wondrous insight as soon as possible so we are ready for the next one.

You can recognize someone who has newly discovered their direct connection to spirit because they are still in the WOW phase. Just because god spoke directly to your face and told you the answer to everything doesn't mean that the information needs to be disseminated across the Internet. Spirit is in charge of getting the right information to the right individuals at the right time. Not our job. Every insight is first and foremost intended just for you.

I remember vividly when I found out that the world did not need me to awaken it. Everything would evolve normally if I never gave another talk or facilitated another retreat. I was deflated. However, very shortly I found a feeling of "all the pressure is off".

I have gone back and forth between feeling like I had a mission and feeling like life was just for chopping wood and carrying water.

Remember life is a paradox. If we refuse to fall into the trap of feeling "special" and just do what spirit gives us to do today, we will discover that, yes, our mission is to save ourselves, awaken ourselves, which will automatically awaken the world because all minds are connected. More correctly, all minds are one mind. Sooooo, there is nothing to do but work on ourselves. That is the road to becoming awakened masters. And it is no big deal.

Many of you reading this will become awakened masters during this incarnation, ending the chain of life after life. The energy on earth has shifted that much. The present energy has been enhanced radically by group meditations, individual meditations, and many people just trying to do the right thing. This energy makes awakening withing three to five years not only possible but highly likely. And awakening no longer requires paying karmic debts.

For many thousands of years, the path, even for those who were ahead of some others, was the karmic path. Where we had used poor judgment in a previous incarnation which made us feel guilty, we would get a chance to make a wiser decision regarding the same experience. But that meant going through negative, traumatic, humiliating, etc., etc., trials and struggles one more time, hoping to get it right this time.

We have reached a place in consciousness where we can avoid all heaviness, all major struggles, by simply making wise decisions now. Choose in favor of spirit and not in favor of monetary gain or saving your reputation or having people perceive you as successful. It's simple really.

As my dream teacher said to me "there are only micro struggles from here on out".

Please add your insights into insights here. We do have a lot to share with each other. Your words can make it significantly easier for someone to obtain their next insight. Thanks.

Love and blessings!!!!!

Tod said:

Howdy Paxton

Awakening is way cool!

It is has been a joy visiting your sites and reacquainting myself with your particular slant on consciousness and awakening. Very cool to see that you have remained consistently in the upward spiral in the years since we have been in touch.

The view from my reality tunnel looks like this lately: Awakening, enlightenment is here/now. As Jesus is quoted as saying in the Gospel of Thomas, answering a question regarding when the Kingdom shall come. "...the kingdom of the Father is spread out upon the earth, and people do not see it."

This means to me that the time to become a conduit for awakening is now, global awakening is here/now, as I type this word, as I mindfully make a cup of tea, drive to work, engage with the waitress and toll booth attendant. If I am aware at these times then, as you have indicated, the magic happens...juicy stuff!

But I still get stuck and any metaphor in storm is welcome. I do like a timetable as much as the next person, and three to five years sounds pretty good to me. At the same time I understand that I must live as if it is here already...always has been. The Great Awakening has occurred, the healing of the ego-mind and its belief in separation from Source was a done deal a nano-second after the insane belief manifested.

Anyway...doing the twist with the paradoxes, breathing in a mindful breath and breathing it out...an act of profound cosmic significance...it's time to make a cup of tea.

Nicole said:

Hello ;)

I've been meaning to add my little bit to this awesome discussion board (thanks Paxton and all who contribute) for a while, though it wasn't until' last night that it came to me in words... So here it is.

My experience of late has been truly magical, or not, maybe just life here on earth.. but it does feel divine :) I finally let go.

For years I've been practicing meditation, awareness and trying to rid myself of the ego etc. I have done all the positive thinking and affirmations to bring in to life the things I want, to some small success.

Recently I nearly burned myself out by over thinking things. Finally I just stopped. I stopped wanting anything. I stopped fearing things, over analyzing. The list goes on.. Ahh, peace. I just was.

The universe/ God/ spirit etc. takes care of all of that. We as human beings don't need anything, it is all provided for us, if we let it be. It's releasing yourself to the universe/oneness and following a path of love and light and being consistent in that release that allows us to remove ourselves from that karmic debt. When you give up your fears and wants to the universe there is only love, light, happiness, excitement, peace and abundance.

Ego exists, while on earth. We have a chance though, the moment we recognize it, there is a choice for release. Everything is ok. It's ok that there is ego. As soon as you accept it and know that you have a choice with it, there comes a profound sense of peace. It's just being and releasing what doesn't fit. Everything else just falls in to place. "Being" is happiness, love, light, peace and abundance. That is our natural state. So let it be. There is no need, fear. anger, guilt.... Release.  Just Be.  One/God.  That is now and that is awakening.

Lots of love light and blessings to you all

A question I received…...

What if I have created hardship on myself and others in the past unintentionally? Do I forgive myself and promise to learn from those mistakes in order to move on?

Here is my reply....

I don't think I can make this very short :-)

Your first question goes to the very heart of what life on earth is all about. We are here to clear our karma. That is, we are here to forgive, love, and be happy.

Many years ago I received a message from spirit which said "when you talk, don't try to tell the truth. The truth is so much grander, so much bigger, so much more loving than anything you have words for, you simply cannot tell the truth. Just say something useful." And all master teachers have tried to say something useful by using parables. Parables are, of course, not the truth, they are just made up stories which point to the truth. He who has ears to hear will be able to intuit the truth from the stories.

So the first made up story has to do with reincarnation and karma. In truth these stories must only vaguely resemble truth. In truth there is no such thing as time, so how could there be one life following another in time? In truth there is no such thing as karma, the accumulation of past actions, both good and bad, for which we must make amends. If there is no time there can't be any past actions. In truth there is only the "now moment".

But these stories can be useful to our intellects which try to "understand" the universe in which we live.

When we first become spiritual students, which for most of us was many lifetimes ago, we tried to make sense of eternal life, involving things called lifetimes. We used our minds to try to comprehend that which is incomprehensible from our limited perspectives. So we looked for cause and effect. We are particularly interested, at first, in avoiding pain in the present life. We come up with theories about "what you sow, so shall you reap". And "Do unto others..." And "An eye for an eye". We try to act correctly and think correctly so that we create a good future for ourselves. (The stories fall apart when you later realize that there is no past and future.)

Having this history of our steps along our spiritual path, we can continue to make up more stories about our spiritual path.

Through many therapy sessions and new age group meetings, we expose our past (from this life or from past lives) indiscretions which account for the problems in this life. So we see how hurting others brought retribution in this life. We see how our anger last week makes us miserable this week. We begin to comprehend "right action".

So, following the path of "Karmic Clearing" means locating the source of our pain and correcting the error by forgiving others or ourselves or "making it right" in some way. Everyone who has been hooked on planet earth for a long time starts on their path back to peace and happiness by using the "Karmic Clearing" technique.

The problem with the "Karmic Clearing" technique is it is an infinite process and it hurts.

Let's look for a moment at another made up story. Earth is a school which offers opportunities to "grow" and increase our understanding day by day, year by year, lifetime by lifetime. Those who use earth school as their path (that would be us) eventually, or quickly, get tired of this game. We come to a point where we become aware that all the pain and struggle is not necessary or desirable. We want a shortcut to "heaven".

Another part of the made up story is that there are astrological ages. Each age offers a particular opportunity for "growth" in earth school. We have just exited the Piscean age and are entering the Aquarian age. The Piscean age offers growth through war and holding power over other people. The Aquarian age offers the short cut home.

The Aquarian age is when it becomes highly likely that any or all spiritual students can and will end their karmic cycles of life and death. The next three years offer grace, the short cut home (the next two hundred years really, but avoid the rush and become enlightened now). Stay open, stay focused on god the best that you know how.

The shortcut home is all that the master teachers (ones who have graduated from earth school) have ever talked about. Review the teachings of your favorite master teacher. Jesus, Buddha, Lao Tzu, Eckhart Tolle, A Course in Miracles, etc. and see what you can pick up. What did they say about paying karmic debts? What did they say about the way home?

They said nothing about karmic debts. They did not tell us to fight for peace. They did not tell us to work our way along the path. They told us the short cut.

The short cut is illogical mostly. "Turn the other cheek"? No way! They are wrong, I know they are wrong. Their actions are immoral. They must be stopped. Turning the other cheek (while knowing how to set boundaries or move out of a negative situation) is the short cut. Stopping the bad guys is the karmic path which lasts forever.

So, what was the question? Do I forgive myself and promise to learn from those mistakes in order to move on?

Cosmic truth says no one has ever made a mistake. No guilt you have ever had was justified, is the way A Course in Miracles says it.  But to most of us that is just metaphysical theory, mumbo-jumbo.  So tell me something practical.

There is no answer which fits every situation. But, there is an answer. The answer for you at any given moment, in any given situation, is to follow guidance. Follow the intuitive answer you receive. Guidance will always offer the most peaceful solution. Guidance does not offer "paths" or "agendas for reaching peace". Guidance always says go directly to peace, do not pass go, do not collect $200, go directly to peace. Guidance does not tell us to analyze the problem. Guidance says "still your mind". Guidance says "you are as you have always been, one with god". Guidance says just remember who you are and the game will be over. No effort required. "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom". You can't earn it, you can't work for it, you can't come to deserve it, you can't obtain it, because you never lost it. Just remember who you are. Guidance helps you remember who you are.

I know, I know. The next question is "how do I hear my guidance"?

You do hear your guidance. You have always heard you guidance. You have just ignored it because it didn't make any sense. The intellect likes to filter all incoming information to make sure it passes the logic test. So how can you learn to stop ignoring guidance? Practice, practice and more practice. How many ways does guidance have to get a message to you? Intuition, dreams, friends talking to you, pick up the nearest book and turn to any page any sentence and read, listen to CDs of Eckart Tolle, read A Course in Miracles, read the wisdom your friends post on Facebook. Just be OPEN to inspiration. And practice, practice, practice.

Forgiveness means to release the "energy" you hold about a situation. Replace the energy with peace of mind. But how can I have peace of mind when I really did something bad? You can't have done something bad because that implies the past is real. The past is not real, there is only the now moment. Think a loving thought in the now moment and you have transformed all past moments into love. Doesn't pass the logic test does it? That's OK. Keep practicing and it will eventually pass the logic test.

Oh, and who is there to forgive? We aren't separate. There aren't two or more of us on this planet. There is just one. There is just us. Practice and it will come to make sense.

Blessings dear one!

Another question...

Dear Paxton, what about the people who are not capable to see and understand, to wake up, to live now? What I see around me, people read books and say this are great books, but they do not apply the wisdom, they do not change, they still live in yesterday or tomorrow, they are still addicted to they work not capable of love and understanding, still living in the frames of a past live and religion. What about them?

and I said...

You have stated the normal condition of people who have begun to move along their path to enlightenment. Remember it takes many lifetimes to move from feeling hopeless and trapped in the drama of life on earth, to waking up to our inner divinity.
You and I were once like these people. We have not always had the insight we have today. We want to be patient with those who don't seem to quite get it.

The way this earth school works is that those who are a half a step ahead of their friends reach out their hands and help them along. In the same way, those who are a half a step ahead of us reach out to us with a kind word to build our confidence.

The Universe (god, guidance, angels) makes sure that we all continue to progress along our path to enlightenment. While it is not our job to try to make these people understand how to improve their lives, we can support them. We support them, not by correcting them, but by loving them unconditionally as children of god. They will learn. It takes time.